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Animal & other photos taken in the area:

Beartooth Butte & Lake 7-2011
Ram - taken along the Yellowstone near Junction Butte  4-2008
Wolf - taken near the Canyon service road 4-2008
Wolves - taken on a winter kill near Mammoth 4-2008
Yellowstone River near Calcite Spring and Bumpus Butte 4-2008
Deer on Chief Joseph Highway 5-2008
Grizzly near Pebble Creek   5-2008       Spotted by Dan Hartman on a hike.
Fox at our cabin  5-2008
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Cooke City Sinclair 
Bison at reflecting pool at Lamar River Valley   6-2008
Black Bear at Warm Creek area    6-2008
Great Grey Owl     6-2008   Dan Hartman found this owl after only an 8 minute search. I merely pointed the camera.
Pine Marten at the cabin      7-2008
Moose at the cabin      7-2008
Trout Lake at early morning      7-2008
Pine Marten while raiding the robin's nest      7-2008
Baronette Peak      6-2011
 Main House
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Druids Cabin
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Grizzly in the side yard at our cabin  7-2008                                   
     I debated on posting this photo, as I know that many tourists are bear phobic. This is a wilderness area. We are next to the main highway but there are woods around us and Yellowstone is nearby. All sorts of wildlife wander through our yard as well as Cooke City, Silver Gate and the lodge areas of Yellowstone and Teton N.P. They are not waiting to jump you when you step from the cabin but you should at least look around as you walk in this area of the world. I often hike alone off trail quietly in the backcountry. I stay aware of my surroundings, especially when hiking into the wind, and carry Bear Spray in my hand just in case. Last summer I missed a turn on a hike and walked the Cache Creek Trail with a little headlamp till 2:20AM at the Footbridge Area. I started in Cooke City and hiked over Republic Pass missing the turnoff to the Thunderer Cut-off; I was tired; if the animals wanted to get me, they could have. (Certainly, in the dark, noise is the order of the day.) I have yet to have any problem with an animal. (A grouse with chicks beside the trail startled me by hissing.) The most dangerous tourist-animal combination in the park is the bison. They seem slow, but they have a definite space threshold that can trigger their explosive speed and aggression. They do not view a car instinctively as they would an animal (human) at the same distance and this can fool people into making deadly mistakes about how close they can get. Far more people are very seriously hurt by bison than by bears. The bottom line is that you came to Yellowstone to see animals, respect them and stay aware of your surroundings or stay home and go to the zoo. 
     No, I haven't had any close encounters in our yard, but the snowshoe hare sometimes looks at me funny.

Buck Lake Flowers  7-2011
Warm Creek to Pebble Creek Trail  6-2008
.Wolf Crossing Cabin
                    Google Earth Coordinates to cabins:    45 00' 32.49”N  109 58' 48.47”W
155 Highway 212 Silver Gate, Montana 59081             
Phone 406-838-2115                                                                                                  
 GUIDE SERVICE $200 per day  Fishing Hiking/Wildlife                               
For reservations call 270-766-7679 or  Yellowstone Reports
email: GSTurner@MSN.Com
Click here for Trail Reference             Official Yellowstone site

Located approximately 3000 feet from Yellowstone National Park on Highway 212 (i.e. National Park Road/Beartooth Highway - the road through the Park) in Silver Gate, Montana. (Look for the "Wolf Crossing" signs on the north side of the highway.) We are within walking distance to a small general store and the Log Cabin Restaurant as well as an outdoor/mountaineering center. We are approximately 3 miles west of Cooke City, Montana (nearer Yellowstone) and just east of Dan & Cindy Hartman                     

SATELLITE TV and DSL Wifi internet for all lodging. Wireless phone with free access to 48 states.  Cabins have a queen size bed, electric heat, bathroom w/shower; all linens, towels & blankets, coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, kitchen table w/chairs, plates,cups, silverware. Also a small front deck with a table and canvas chairs.   Sorry - no pets - no smoking.

​                                        Click to see photos from June 2020: HERE

                                 Click to see photos from June 2021: HERE

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May (2010) we were visited by a cinnamon black bear, 2 foxes and 2 pine martens. A moose and bison went through the yard but we didn't see them.
     At the cabin           5-2010
     At the cabin           5-2010
Who will love it here:
This area is as close to Alaska as you can get in the Lower 48 States. Due to the elevation (about 7400), the tempatures are similar, the wildlife viewing is as good or better. There are even permanent glaciers above us high in the Beartooth Mountains. The small town and residents remind me of the show, Northern Exposure. It is remote, wild and rustic here.
People who love wildlife and trout fishing (Clark’s Fork River and the numerous mountain lakes). This is the Park entrance nearest to the Lamar River Valley – and the Soda Butte Creek Valley – and the Beartooth Pass/Absaroka Wilderness area (outside the Park). We have had moose, deer, bear – black and grizzly in our yard. Wolves are often seen in the valley. (No, you don’t always see them. If you did, they would change the name to “Yellowstone Zoo”.) This is one of the premier areas of the world for wildlife viewing. The TV, internet, the shower are all extras. You realize that you are renting proximity to the wildlife – not a luxurious cabin. Many of our happiest renters are repetitive park visitors. (“Can we book for next year?” “Can we buy the cabin?”) You are by far the majority of our clients. 
Photos to the left - a grizzly - and to the right - a wolf - were taken by a game camera 30' behind our cabin.
What I like:
Fishing: Soda Butte Creek and Lamar River in the Park as well as Trout Lake. Unbarbed hooks and you can't keep the trout. Outside the park, Clark's Fork River as well as dozens of alpine lakes, many over 100 acres, like Kersey Lake. Keep the fish if you wish.
Wildlife: It comes around our cabins and I've seen moose, bear, deer as well as bison grazing around town. But the best way to see wildlife is at daybreak in the Soda Butte Creek and Lamar River valleys. At least bring binoculars but a spotting scope is best. The General Store in Silver Gate has been renting a really nice Swarovski. Bison, elk, etc. calve in May. Wolf pups are playing by late June and often at the Rendevous in the fall. Ask around. This is probably the premium wildlife viewing area in North America - if not the world.
Hiking: My favorite. Hikes are everywhere - long and short. 
Across the road you can hike a nice flat trail into Yellowstone - the Bannock Trail
Trout Lake is a short steep hike with a great view. 
Warm Creek to Pebble Creek is usually my warm-up to acclimate to the elevation. A tough 2 hour hike over the mountain. 
Junction Butte along the Yellowstone Canyon. 
A short hike from the picnic area up Speciman Ridge to really super views. 
Pebble Creek Campground along the canyon behind it. A great little canyon with virtually no hiking - depending on how far you pursue the canyon.
In the Beartooths, Gardner Lake to Long Lake starts at the highest trailhead in the Northern Rockies and comes back to the highway. 
A great hike from the old power plant to Crazy Creek Falls past 10 alpine lakes. 
In the Park:  
Warm Creek to Pebble Creek Campground
Warm Creek to Slough Creek over Bliss Pass
Republic Pass to the Thunderer. 
Repubic Pass to the Footbridge
The Picnic Area to the Footbridge along Speciman Ridge. 
Hell Roaring to Junction Butte.
And anywhere else you feel like walking. Always carry bear spray - preferably in your hand. Never run. I have done all the above hikes and have encountered bears without a problem or using spray - but you are a fool if you are not prepared. 
I love hiking here - especially the "payoff" in hiking up to a great view. Maps are available at the General Stores. Oh yeah, across the road you can hike to the top of Wall Mountain as well as Guitar Lake at the base of Amphitheater's peak - but you won't! And many more - a lifetime of hiking here.

We have 2 great books for reference in the cabins: the Falcon Guide to Hiking Yellowstone and Yellowstone Treasures (the best book I have seen on the entire Yellowstone region).
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A pine marten regularly comes onto our porch. Click here for photos from May 2017. Raven, Clark's Nutcracker, Stellar Jays and finches all eat sunflower seeds from the rail. Also the occasional moose and bear. (See photos of wildlife below.) Soda Butte Creek is about 150 yards across the road. You can walk about 1/4 mile to the Bannock Trail (trailhead) and go 2 1/2 miles into the Park on a gentle path - or cross country ski trail in the winter. All of Yellowstone is known for wildlife but we are the nearest entrance to the Soda Butte Creek/Lamar River Valley end of the Park which is the most noted area for wildlife viewing ("The Serengeti of North America"). You can rent a spotting scope at the General Store. Go out early in the morning and set up on a hill beside the road overlooking the Lamar River and prepare to be amazed.   
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